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About Us

Reading Alberta was formed with a mission to help all Albertan children learn to read and write through access to structured literacy-based teaching methods.

Our Story

All children have a right to learn to read and write in a way that accommodates their individual learning
needs, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances and learning profile.



We care deeply for the psychological needs and wellness of all learners, teachers and families involved in
the literacy (learning/process) and we demonstrate that in all we do.



We operate with personal and fiscal integrity and strive for accountability in our actions and attitudes.


We embrace the differences among all the learners, teachers, and families we serve, guided by an
inclusive mindset.


Continuous Learning

We value continuous, best-practice learning for both ourselves, and our community, to ensure the best
programming and best outcomes for all learners.



We value input from all stakeholders in the literacy learning (process) to refine our programs to best meet
stakeholder needs and amplify our positive impact.

Meet The Team

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