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Our Story

Reading Alberta empowers educators and administrators with free tools for seamless implementation of Alberta’s ELA curriculum in K-3. With extensive expertise in evidence-based structured literacy, our founders draw from decades of research and practical classroom success.

Having personally utilized this method and accumulated 40 years of combined experience in public, separate, and private school systems in Calgary, we understand the vital role of support. Through our Tier 3 practices and specialized literacy interventions, we've conducted professional development sessions across Western Canada.

As a non-profit organization, Reading Alberta serves as your independent hub, offering guidance, professional development, and resources. Our commitment to structured literacy is unwavering, transcending politics, ensuring your confidence in guiding students toward proficiency and confidence in reading.



Opening Doors Through Literacy

Reading Alberta is dedicated to promoting literacy for all, grounded in the science of reading.


We strive to ensure every child achieves proficiency, providing accessible and comprehensive support to bridge gaps and empower individuals for lifelong learning and success.

A World Where Literacy Transforms Lives

Our vision at Reading Alberta is to create a world where literacy is a universal right, transcending barriers of accessibility, language, and background.


We aspire to build a community empowered by foundational skills, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity for lifelong learning and success through the transformative power of reading.


49% of the adult population scored below high-school literacy levels

Canadians who struggle with literacy are more than twice as likely to experience unemployment

More than one in six Canadians do not pass the most basic set of literacy tests

Approximately half of Canadian adults cannot understand information in lengthy and complex texts

Board Members

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