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We’re on this journey with you!

Welcome to Reading Alberta’s very first blog post! We’re so excited that you have visited our

website and are reading this very first article! We really want to know how you’re doing now

that the first month new curriculum is underway.

We would like to know if you have found our website helpful? If so, what, specifically? If not, what are you searching for and can’t find? What would like to see more of? What can we help you with? We will truly strive to answer your question and try to post resources that you need and information that will help you along this journey.

We just posted our October lessons today. We hope that you find the clean and explicit

layout easy to follow and that you’re checking off phonograms and concepts as you move

along. Some other materials we have added to help supplement October’s lessons are taken from one of our favourite websites; Florida Centre for Reading Research We know that these activities will support the

teaching that you are doing. You may want to use these as literacy centres to supplement and give your students further practice with or use as large group activities.

Finally, we are planning a virtual “Open House” so we can hear directly from you. We want to see you face to face (over zoom, of course!) to hear about your celebrations, stresses and

questions surrounding the ELAL curriculum in grades K-3. Please watch for an invitation once

you have subscribed to Reading Alberta!

Thank you for the amazing, courageous and life changing work that you are doing in the

classrooms all around Alberta!

Yours truly,

Kira and Suzanne

Alberta Reading

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