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Grade 3


Scope & Sequence

We have used the Calgary Board of Education’s scope and sequence and cross referenced it with the research-based Orton Gillingham and LETRS suggested scope and sequences. We believe in teaching the most predictable, regular and common spelling patterns first, we then move into less predictable, less regular and least common later.

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December Lesson Planning:

Linking Phonemes & Graphemes

A couple of things to make note of for the long A sound:

  1. <ey> for /ā/ is in only 18 words in English and should be taught following more frequently used spelling patterns

  2. <ie> for /ā/  = there are no known words that use this spelling for the long A sound.


It is logical to teach vowel teams systematically and explicitly with strong examples and opportunities to practice spelling words with these patterns.


Some students have not yet learned the proper formation for letters or have forgotten and are mixing in upper and lower case letters, this is a good time of the year to review, review, review!
Proper placement of letters is essential, “tall letters are tall, short are short and descending are descending”. It’s important to insist on this, so bad habits do not continue throughout Grade 3.
Make it a “printing bootcamp” in September, review letters rapidly and expect students to be accountable for proper formation and placement after the review.


As much as possible, integrate multi-sensory experiences when learning the formation of the grapheme and the sound still helps at this age. Tracing and multi-sensory activities to practice the formation of graphemes, letter name and phonemes helps to reinforce the new concepts.

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Green Headset

Sound Walls?

If you are using a sound wall, you will begin to add the phonemes/graphemes (phonograms) to your sound wall as you teach them explicitly and systematically.

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